Rules of access to the area:

  1. It’s possible to book only for time slot (morning 9am - 1pm or afternoon 2pm-6pm), to allow safe access to a greater number of people;
  2. For each time slot access is allowed to a maximum of 100 people (morning: max 100 – afternoon: max 100);
  3. The reservation is permitted to people aged 18 or over; minors can access only if accompaniedby an adult;
  4. Each reservation can be made for a maximum of 5 participants (of which at least 1 adult), by entering the required data for each participant (name, surname, date of birth, type and document number)
  5. Every people can reserve maximum 2 time in the week (from Monday to Sunday)
  6. It is possible delete own reservation until start slot time (morning: 9am, afternoon: 2pm), by link in received email of confirmation
  7. If you don't come and you don't delete your reservation, you cannot reserve for next 15 days
  8. Reservations open every Sunday at 6pm, with validity from the following Monday to Sunday. It is possible to book up to 1 hour before the end of each time slot;
  9. It is mandatory to show to the security guard  at the entrance the ticket on the mobile phone or printed;
  10. It is mandatory to bring with you the identification document indicated during the booking process (for each participant);
  11. Occupancy of the public bathing establishment is authorized only and exclusively by reservation;
  12. At the end of each time slot (morning: 1pm - afternoon: 6pm), the area must be promptly vacated;
  13. It is forbidden to park vehicles on the driveway of Discesa Gaiola.

Environmental protection rules:

  1. It is mandatory to know and comply with the regulations for the environmental and archaeological protection of the Marine Protected Area of ​​the Submerged Park of Gaiola provided for by the Interministerial Decree 07/08/2002;
  2. It is forbidden to bring empty disposable items into the area (plastic / glass bottles, cans, glasses, plastic plates, etc);
  3. It is forbidden to leave any type of waste in the area. Any waste must be brought back with you and deposited in the appropriate containers on the driveway;
  4. It is forbidden to fish and in any case collect any animal or vegetable organism;
  5. It is forbidden to collect rock or archaeological formations;                                                                             
  6. Smokers must have a pocket-sized cigarette holder with them;

Measures to avoid COVID-19 contagion:

  1. It is mandatory to undergo body temperature measurement by infrared thermometer (without contact). If the body temperature is equal to or higher than 37.5 ° C, the entry to the area will not be allowed;
  2. It is mandatory to know and comply with the anti-contagion measures from COVID-19 established by the national and local provisions in force. In particular:

Failure to comply with the rules involves reporting to the competent authorities, as well as the impossibility of making future reservations and accessing the area.